A paramotor flying over glastonbury tor on a short cross country flight from Sky riders school


Do I need a license to fly a paraglider or a paramotor?

While there’s no official license required in the UK to fly a paraglider or paramotor, proper training is absolutely crucial for your safety. It’s equally important to have appropriate insurance coverage.

At Sky Riders, we prioritise safety and follow the well-established BHPA training manual and techniques. This ensures you gain the essential knowledge and skills to become a safe and competent pilot.

Upon completing our Club Pilot Course, you’ll benefit from several advantages:
Insurance: You’ll be covered by the BHPA’s third-party liability insurance for £5 million.
Club Network: You’ll gain access to the vast and knowledgeable network of BHPA paragliding clubs.
Flying Site Access: You’ll have permission to fly at club sites across the UK.

What is the difference between paragliding and paramotoring?

Paragliding offers the purest form of flight. It’s a serene experience where you rely on wind and air movements to stay airborne. Mastering paragliding is a rewarding challenge and an incredibly fun way to experience the beauty of flight.

Paramotoring adds a motor (sometimes referred to as a “paramotor” or jokingly as a “giant butt fan”) to the paragliding experience. This motor allows you to take off from flat areas, extending the possibilities for launch locations and opening doors to exploring new destinations.

At Sky Riders, we believe both paragliding and paramotoring offer unique experiences that complement each other. The skills you learn in one can translate to the other, and both disciplines expand your opportunities to enjoy flight.

Is paragliding / paramotoring safe?

Safety is our top priority. We use top-notch equipment and highly qualified instructors to ensure a safe learning environment.

Can I use my own equipment for training?

We highly recommend waiting to purchase equipment until you’ve begun your training with Sky Riders. Here’s why:

Matching Equipment to Your Skill Level: As a beginner, it’s easy to choose equipment that’s unsuitable or even unsafe for your current flying skills. During your training, we’ll help you identify the perfect paragliding or paramotoring gear that aligns with your progress.
Safety First: We prioritize safety above all else. By using our equipment during training, you can be confident it’s properly maintained and meets the necessary safety certifications.

Looking for New or Used Equipment? We Can Help!

Sky Riders is a dealer for some of the most respected paragliding and paramotoring brands. If you’re interested in purchasing new equipment, we’ll guide you towards the ideal setup for your needs.
Considering a Pre-Loved Option? We understand budget limitations! Our team puts the same effort into finding suitable second-hand equipment. We’ll ensure it’s safe, reliable, and allows you to enjoy paragliding or paramotoring for a long time.

Can I try paragliding before committing to a course?

Sky Riders offer taster days that allow you to experience the basics of paragliding and learn more about the sport under the guidance of an instructor.

Do I need to be in good physical condition?

While not extreme, paragliding requires a moderate level of physical fitness. Running, walking uphill with equipment, and maneuvering the paraglider involve some physical exertion.
We may ask for a doctors note if we are unsure about previous injuries.

What kind of clothing & equipment should I bring?

We recommend comfortable clothing suitable for outdoor activities and weather conditions. Specific recommendations may be provided prior to your course.

What is included in the course price?

Course fees typically cover instruction, equipment rental, and course materials. Check individual course descriptions for details.