Sky Riders CFI Tom, low flying his parajet maverick paramotor in spain on a paramotor adventure holiday.


About Sky Riders

Sky Riders Paragliding & Paramotoring School ignites your passion for flight, offering a comprehensive range of courses and adventures for aspiring and experienced pilots. Whether you dream of paragliding gracefully over scenic landscapes or experiencing the exhilarating freedom of paramotoring, we provide the perfect launching pad for you.

Our Expertise:

  • BHPA Paragliding Courses: Master the fundamentals and progress towards the prestigious BHPA Pilot Rating, allowing you for safe and independent cross-country paragliding adventures.
  • Paramotor Training: Learn to fly a paramotor with our structured courses, covering everything from safe operation and launch techniques to airspace regulations and advanced maneuvers.
  • Tandem Pilot Training: Share the magic of flight with others! Our comprehensive Tandem Pilot Training Program equips experienced paraglider pilots with the skills and knowledge to fly safely with passengers.
  • Advanced Courses: Our instructors will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to plan, navigate, and execute breathtaking cross-country paragliding or paramotoring flights. You will delve into essential skills like air law, navigational boundaries, and advanced piloting techniques for extended journeys.
  • Reserve Parachute Packing Courses: Ensure your safety with our comprehensive Reserve Parachute Packing Course, providing you with the knowledge and hands-on experience to meticulously pack your reserve for optimal performance.

Unforgettable Experiences:

Beyond paragliding and paramotoring courses, Sky Riders unlocks a world of unforgettable experiences. Join us on adventure trips to breathtaking locations, where you can explore new landscapes with fellow pilots and push your flying skills to the limit.

Safety First:

At Sky Riders, safety is our top priority. Our team of highly qualified and experienced instructors are passionate about paragliding and paramotoring, and dedicated to providing you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to fly safely and enjoy the skies to the fullest.

Find Your Wings with Sky Riders!

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pilot looking to refine your skills, Sky Riders Paragliding & Paramotoring School has something for everyone. Contact us today to discuss your flying aspirations and embark on your incredible aerial adventure!

Our Instructors

Tom McMeakin packing a reserve parachute.
Chief Flight Instructor

Tom McMeakin

Tom isn’t just Sky Riders’ Chief Flight Instructor (CFI); he’s also the owner and technician behind Wingtrim, our trusted service and repair workshop. His passion for paragliding and paramotoring began in 2010, taking him on incredible adventures around the world.

With over a decade of flying experience, Tom brings a wealth of knowledge to Sky Riders. Since 2015, he’s honed his instructing skills, working with several schools in the UK and abroad. This experience allows him to harness the best teaching methods and techniques to ensure your success.

Tom’s expertise extends beyond the classroom. He’s a master trip planner, crafting unforgettable paragliding adventures overseas and going the extra mile to guarantee you have the best experience possible.