a student inflating their paraglider on a taster day with sky riders

Taster Day

Warming up your paramotor engine is a vital step to ensure that your equipment is used correctly. At Sky Riders, we use Parajet Maverick with Vittorazi engines.

Not sure if this sport is for you?

Our taster day will give you a great insight into paragliding / paramotoring. During the day, you will meet the team, learn about the kit and get hands on!

You’ll start ground handling the glider, being able to launch yourself and if progression allows, you will even get your first small hop where your feet will leave the ground!

If you decide to continue with a paragliding / paramotoring course, the taster day fee will be deducted from your course fee.

Course Details

Intrigued by the idea of soaring through the skies? Our Paragliding & Paramotoring Taster Day lets you experience the magic of flight firsthand, tailored to your specific interests!

This immersive experience is perfect for:

  • Individuals with no prior flying experience curious about paragliding or paramotoring.
  • Anyone seeking a taste of flight before committing to a full course.
  • Aspiring pilots who want to compare paragliding and paramotoring.

Course Highlights (Common to Paragliding & Paramotoring):

  • Safety First: We prioritise safety, starting with a comprehensive briefing on equipment, pre-flight checks, and essential safety procedures.
  • Ground Handling Mastery: Learn the fundamentals of paraglider control through exciting ground handling exercises, building confidence and essential skills for launch and landing.
  • Experience Flight: If conditions and ability suit, you may even get to experience short unpowered hops from our training slope!

Paramotoring Specific Highlight:

  • Power Up!: For aspiring paramotor pilots, this day includes an exclusive introduction to the paramotor unit. Our instructors will guide you through a hands-on exploration of the motor, propellor, and basic operation procedures, giving you a taste of powered paragliding.

What to Expect:

The day will be tailored to your chosen path (paragliding or paramotoring). You’ll participate in engaging ground handling activities, weather permitting, we may even experience some gentle introductory flights (paragliding) to truly understand the feeling of flight.

Key Facts

Course Price: £200*

* If you decide to continue with your training this will be deducted from your Club Pilot course price.

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