One of our paramotor students flying a parajet branded ozone roadster wing on a training course.


Soar with confidence under the guidance of our certified instructors

With courses for all levels of pilot, from complete beginner to experienced plots, at Sky Riders we offer more than just expert instruction & tandem experiences:

Private flying sites: Experience stunning scenery and ideal flying conditions with access to exclusive locations.

Supportive community: Join a community of passionate pilots, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared adventure.

Equipment matching service & exclusive prices: We are dealers for a number of paragliding & paramotoring manufacturers and will help you find the most suitable equipment for your flying style and ability.

Coming in to land after the glastonbury tor cross country paramotor flight. Paramotor Training and Pilot rating with Sky Riders

Find Your Ideal Course

Taster Day (Paragliding / Paramotoring)

Ignite your passion for flight with Sky Riders’ Paragliding & Paramotor Taster Day! Explore our school, witness a breathtaking demo flight, unravel the secrets of the equipment, and experience the thrill of ground handling and kiting the glider.
Paramotor enthusiasts can even explore the engine’s power and discover a whole new dimension of flight! This 1-day adventure is perfect for anyone curious about soaring through the skies and taking their first steps towards an unforgettable experience.

A very happy pilot after their first paramotor flight! Pondy with his Parajet Maverick paramotor
A top to bottom flight at Kimmeridge bay on the paragliding elementary pilot course with Sky Riders.

Elementary Pilot (EP)

Unleash your inner pilot with Sky Riders’ BHPA Elementary Pilot Course! This beginner-friendly program equips you with the skills and knowledge for safe paragliding. Learn theory, launch & landing, weather, and gain confidence through ground handling & solo flights.
By the end, you’ll be able to complete a simple flight plan under supervision and be ready to soar towards independent flight!

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Paragliding Club Pilot (CP)

Take your paragliding to new heights with Sky Riders’ BHPA Club Pilot Course! This course builds on your existing skills, transforming you from supervised pilot to confident, independent flyer.

Sharpen your decision-making, master advanced maneuvers, and gain the knowledge to fly in diverse conditions. By course completion, you’ll be a BHPA-qualified Club Pilot, ready to explore the skies solo and join our vibrant paragliding community.

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Lanzarote Paragliding with Sky Riders at El Cuchillo
Returning to base after a paramotor cross country flight with Sky Riders in Southern Spain

Paramotor Club Pilot (CP)

Feel the power with Sky Riders’ BHPA Paramotor Club Pilot Course! Refine your existing paragliding skills and master the world of paramotors. This course equips you with the knowledge and expertise to confidently fly solo under power.

Learn about paramotor operation, experience the thrill of engine-assisted flight, and hone your decision-making for diverse flying conditions. Earn your BHPA Club Pilot qualification and unlock the freedom of powered paragliding exploration.

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Pilot Rating and Beyond…

Ready to push your paragliding limits? Master advanced maneuvers & unlock the freedom of cross-country flight with Sky Riders’ advanced courses. Explore stunning locations & experience the thrill of independent paragliding adventures. Learn more!

Air Law is a key skill for paraglider & paramotor pilots. Learn to read the air maps with Sky Riders