Parajet Maverick paramotors all lined up at lake bornos in spain with sky riders paramotor training school


Gear Up for Flight with Sky Riders!

We understand that having the right equipment is essential for a safe and enjoyable paragliding or paramotoring experience. That’s why we offer a comprehensive selection of top-of-the-line paragliding and paramotoring equipment from leading brands.

But we don’t stop there! We also recognize the value of finding the perfect gear at the right price. Our experienced instructors, with years of flying experience across numerous paraglider and paramotor brands, possesses an unparalleled depth of equipment knowledge. This expertise allows us to not only provide you with the latest and greatest equipment options but also to guide you towards suitable second-hand gear that perfectly matches your skill level and budget.

Placing an order

Our shop caters to both immediate needs and your paragliding aspirations. We stock a range of smaller accessories and books for next-day delivery, so you can be ready for your next adventure. For gliders, harnesses, and Paramotors, we have a much more personalised approach.
Due to the importance of getting the perfect fit and equipment for your skill level, we encourage you to contact us directly. Our knowledgeable team will discuss your needs and source the ideal equipment to match your flying goals.
While we may have a limited selection of gliders in stock (colors may vary), we can also expedite paramotor delivery within a day, subject to availability.

Let’s get you soaring with the perfect equipment!

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Testing the new Ozone Kona 3 Paramotor wing with Sky Riders on a Parajet Maverick frame


We understand that every pilot has unique preferences and skill levels. That’s why we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. We partner with a diverse range of leading glider manufacturers, including Ozone, Bruce Goldsmith Design (BGD), Gin Gliders, Skywalk, NOVA, and Sky Paragliders. This allows you to explore various gliders and choose the one that best suits your flying style and aspirations. Our instructors will guide you through the selection process, ensuring you have the perfect equipment to take flight with confidence.

Below you will find a small selection of gliders that we use in the school and recommend to new pilots. Please contact us for a price on any other glider that you are interested in and we will be happy to help!

Paragliding Wings – EN-A

Please contact us for any other gliders that you would like to purchase. We can obtain the full range of gliders from manufacturers.

Ozone Moxie Paraglider Wing
Ozone Moxie
From: £2,950

For new pilots and students, the Moxie is ideal for progressing your flying with maximum ease and safety.

Gin Bolero 7 paraglider
Gin Bolero 7
From: £2,900

The Bolero 7 is perfect for the formative years of a flying career, from first steps to first thermals and well beyond. For casual or more experienced safety oriented pilots.

BGD Magic 2 Paraglider
BGD Magic 2
From: £3,500

Full of sparkle and magic it has maximum fun-factor and excellent passive safety. It’s super easy to launch and an absolute joy to thermal.

Paramotor Wings

Please contact us for any other gliders that you would like to purchase. We can obtain the full range of gliders from manufacturers.

Ozone Kona 3 Paramotor wing
Ozone Kona 3
From: £3,349

The Kona 3 is the PPG version of the Buzz Z7, sharing the same technology, cutting-edge performance, comfort and ease of use. It is the perfect cross-over wing that excels whether flown under power or in free flight.

BGD Magic Motor Paramotor Wing
BGD Magic Motor
From: £2,950

Scoring top marks for safety, the Magic Motor is EN-A certified and DGAC registered for free-flight and paramotoring.

Ozone Roadster 3 wing
Ozone Roadster 3
From: £3,299

The Roadster 3 is designed for pilots of all abilities, from newly qualified to advanced. It is a dedicated paramotor wing with a full reflex profile.


Parajet Maverick Frame
Parajet Maverick – Moster 185 / Atom 80
From: £6,085

The Maverick will blow your mind as to how capable it is. All our expertise combined into one uncomplicated paramotor. All killer and no filler. The perfect well-mannered training workhorse one minute, to dominating technical cross-country without a second thought the next.

Parajet Zenith Frame
Parajet Zenith
From: £6,172

Inside every one of us there is a spirit of adventure that’s just waiting to be set free. So when it’s time to discover what’s over the next horizon, the Parajet Zenith empowers you to explore the world. A paramotor that packs down to a portable size so it’s a breeze to handle.

Fly products Rider Moster 185 paramotor
Fly Products Rider
From: £5,500

The Rider series is the most versatile PPG line available today at Fly Products.
Every improvement on today’s Rider sets a higher standard, and its versatility creates great value.


Below you will find a very small selection of the accessories that we offer. Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements, our expert instructors will guide you to find the most suitable equipment that meets your budget.

Ozone Shield Helmet

The OZONE Shield helmet offers high levels of protection, safety and comfort and is CE certified for free flight

NAC Horus Paramotor Helmet
NAC Intercom Paramotor Helmet
From: £260

Final flight helmet for gliding, ultralight and PPG. Optimized aerodynamics which facilitate the transfer. EN966 certified. Interchangeable Mini-XLR connector to radios FM 2m, PMR446, LPD443 or FRS/GMRS

Reserve Parachutes in stock at Sky Riders
Reserve Parachutes
From: £560

At Sky Riders we work with many manufacturers so we can find the most suitable reserve to suit your needs. Whether you are after a round, square or steerable, we are experts in reserve parachutes.

Maillon rapide 7mm

At Sky Riders, we hold a stock of hardware, from maillon rapides to carabiners to Charly quick outs.
Please get in touch with your needs and we will find the right size requirements.

Ozone Easy Stuff Sack
Glider Stuff Sack
From: £95

Stuff sacks are a very easy way to store your glider between flying. At Sky Riders, we can supply you with a stuff sack from any manufacturer. Get in touch to learn more.

Ozone paragliders t-shirt
T-shirts (all brands)
From: £15

Various t-shirt designs from all manufacturers as well as our own Sky Riders branded t-shirts.


Paragliding: Tee Beginner's Guide Book
Paragliding: The Beginner’s Guide

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Understanding the Sky - Weather book
Understanding the Sky

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Thermal Flying - Paragliding XC book
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